The Donald Trump Children’s Book By Jimmy Kimmel Is Hilarious

The Donald Trump Children’s Book By Jimmy Kimmel Is Hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel recently had presidential candidate Donald Trump on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. The host talked with the billionaire about a variety of subjects, but the most memorable involved a children’s book titled, Winners Aren’t Losers.

Kimmel introduces the book to Donald by first asking him how many books he’s written himself over the years. Trump tells the late night host “about 12; bestsellers”, before being reminded that none included one geared towards children.

Jimmy then informs the presidential candidate of his desire to “make a trillion” dollars as well, which led him to ghost write said children’s book for the businessman.

With it’s primary red cover, Seuss styled drawings and hilarious storyline – ‘Winners Aren’t Losers’ would probably sell, if just for novelty reasons. Either way, watching Jimmy Kimmel read the book out loud in the presence of Trump is priceless.

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Donald Trump Children’s Book (Video)

Come on, you know you want that book!

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