What’s The Song On The Thomas Cook Dancing Boy Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Thomas Cook Dancing Boy Commercial?

Sure the dancing boy with the shark fin is memorable from the new Thomas Cook TV commercial, but it’s probably the song he’s busting a move to that really caught your attention. If you’re wondering, “what’s the song?”, we’ve got the answer.

Don’t expect to find out the quick stepping rap song is from some new hip-hop act. The song titled, “Be Bold” was written and recorded specifically for the British travel company’s TV advert. It’s the work of Tam Cooper and the London based music production group, Earworm.

The Commercial – Thomas Cook “Dancing Boy”

The hip-hop song that helps the young boy dance about the pool deck like nobody’s business, is sure to get stuck in your head. Thomas Cooks tag line “Be Bold, You’re On Holiday” is all about letting go and this tune makes it easy to do just that.

Thomas Cook TV ad dancing boy

©2015 YouTube/Thomas Cook

Which in this case meant strapping on a shark fin and dancing about without caring whose watching; not even an attractive lifeguard.

There’s not much to the song lyrically, but the mix does what it was meant to; get the viewers attention and keep you remembering it.

The Song – “Be Bold” by Tam Cooper For Thomas Cook Ad

If you like the song, the good news is you can download it for free. Just click the ‘Download’ button on the Soundcloud player above.

Photo: Top ©2015 Thomas Cook


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