Adele Works Out In The Gym As She Gets Ready To Start Her Tour

Adele Works Out In The Gym As She Gets Ready To Start Her Tour

The hit songstress Adele, shared a funny photo of herself working out in the gym recently. The photo, which the 27 year old singer/songwriter posted on her Instagram account on January 6th, shows her pulling on a cable while making an exaggerated face.

Having already dropped weight and trimmed down leading up to the release of her latest album, the mum of one looks to be keeping up with working on her fitness. Dressed in her all black outfit and sneakers, Adele is her usual funny self in front of the camera.

getting ready…

A photo posted by @adele on

The caption included with the picture “getting ready”, could be referring to her upcoming tour, which begins in the UK and Europe late February. The “Hello” singer then moves on to North America in July.

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Adele posted a video on her official Facebook site back in November of 2015, where she humorously announces where she will be performing during her tour in Europe. Which you can watch – HERE.

She’s looking good and taking the world by storm; again.

We love her!

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