Deadpool Ask’s Men To Hold Your “Man Berries” In New PSA Video For Testicular Cancer

Deadpool Ask’s Men To Hold Your “Man Berries” In New PSA Video For Testicular Cancer

Ryan Reynolds is “owning” his role as Deadpool for the upcoming Marvel film, due in theaters this coming February. He’s not just putting it all out there for the big screen either, recently Ryan donned his Deadpool outfit for something quite unexpected; a PSA for testicular cancer awareness.

In a video that is hard to watch just once, Deadpool encourages men to “Touch Yourself Tonight” in order to check for any signs of issues with your…well, balls!

Ryan Reynolds PSA Ad

©2016 YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

The 39 year old actor sits on the edge of a pool table dressed in his body covering red outfit for the ad, which was created in partnership with the UK based group, Ballboys. Using character appropriate lingo, the anithero asks men “how well do you know your happy sac“, while twirling two cue balls in his gloved hand.

Informing viewers that “that bag of beans bouncing around in your hand, could be trying to kill you“, Deadpool then drops some heavy stats on the issue stating, “testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15 to 35”.

After telling men to “fight back”, the gun slinging-joke dropping Marvel character, teaches men how to perform their own self-check.

It’s a great promo for the upcoming film, proving that Ryan Reynolds is nailing it this time around in the comic book genre; but more importantly, a smart way to get a very serious issue into the minds of men around the world.

Deadpool “Touch Yourself Tonight” PSA Video

Those Deadpool quotes:

“How well do you know your happy sac?”

“That bag of beans bouncing around in your hands”

“Man berries”

“I like to call them smooth criminals”

“Don’t ignore it like a pussy”

“Tweak the tomatoes, before you go cucumber crazy”

Thanks Deadpool. “Man Berries” love it! #TouchYourselfTonight

Check out Ballboys for more information on testicular cancer.

Watch the Deadpool official Trailer – HERE.

Photo: ©2016 YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

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