Jimmy Fallon Sings ‘Hotline Bling’ As Bob Dylan And It’s Genius

Jimmy Fallon Sings ‘Hotline Bling’ As Bob Dylan And It’s Genius

Jimmy Fallon has always held his own when it came to singing on his late night show, even when it’s beside top recording artists like Justin Timberlake. Usually staying somewhere between just being funny and “wow, he sings pretty good”, this week he took it all one step further; to pure genius.

With the cameras using special grainy filters, Wednesday night on The Tonight Show, Fallon transported viewers back to earlier days of television. Along with his band, the 41 year old wore clothes from the late sixties, taking on the persona of Bob Dylan.

Jimmy then started singing in that familiar Dylan style, only the song was very much 2016. With amazing harmonica skill and a spot on delivery, Fallon covered Drake’s hit, “Hotline Bling”.

Sure it’s funny. But you can’t help but be amazed at just how good it is.

Jimmy Fallon Sings “Hotline Bling” as Bob Dylan

It’s no wonder why he’s dominating late night television.

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