Super Bowl 50 Commercials: The Pokémon 20th Anniversary Ad

Super Bowl 50 Commercials: The Pokémon 20th Anniversary Ad

Don’t you hate when you realize how old you are based on a video game? During the upcoming Super Bowl 50 football game, the Pokemon Company International will air a 30 second ad, early in the third quarter. Celebrating 20 years, (yes, it’s been twenty years!) the commercial calls it’s loyal followers to, “Train On”.

The company released an extended version of the Super Bowl 50 commercial on it’s website and YouTube channel this week. The ad shows several young people coming to the realization, that they to can realize their dreams with determination and of course, training.

As the TV ad is flooded with fast paced tribal music and scenes from around the globe, all things culminate inside a stadium large enough, say for a super football game. This is where Pokémon takes center stage.

The Company will be celebrating 20 years of Pokémon beginning in February and continuing throughout the year. Fans can expect to see new releases of merchandise, a Nintendo 3DS bundle, special trading card packs, digitally remastered movies and brand new games. As well as being able to share their memories and love of Pokémon using #Pokemon20 on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Pokémon 20th Anniversary Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Find out more at the Official Pokémon site:

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