The Australian Commercial With Tim Minchin That Will Leave You Breathless

The Australian Commercial With Tim Minchin That Will Leave You Breathless

An Australian TV commercial for the country’s Motor Neuron Disease Research Institute starring comedian and actor Tim Minchin, will leave you breathless. Released this past December, the down under advert titled, The Fading Symphony, does a tremendous job at showing the course that MND takes on a person.

Tim Minchin takes a seat at the piano, where with the backing of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, performs Neil Finn’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’.

Things take an unexpected turn, when different sections of the orchestra are suddenly unable to continue playing.

Tim Minchin

©2015 YouTube/Australian MND

As the effect moves through, eventually shutting down everyone but Minchin, text appears on the screen describing the course that Motor Neurone Disease takes on a human being.

Imagine, your body begins to fail, bit by bit.

You lose the ability to move your arms and legs.

Then the ability to speak and swallow.

In the end the only thing left heard, is the sound of the singers last breath, with the final text.

And ultimately to breath.

It’s a powerful use of sound and visual, which will catch you by surprise and leave you breathless.

Tim Minchin in “The Fading Symphony” TV Australian avert

Who is Tim Minchin? The 40 year old performer was actually born in the UK, but raised in Perth, Australia. He is a comedian, actor and author. Since 2002 he’s released seven albums, along with several DVDs. The composer-lyricist who won a Tony Award for his work on the Broadway hit, Matilda, will be seeing the upcoming Broadway play Groundhog Day take the stage as well.

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