Does The Final Batman v Superman Trailer Have You Convinced This Will Be A Good Movie?

Does The Final Batman v Superman Trailer Have You Convinced This Will Be A Good Movie?

George Clooney, as Batman. It’s a benchmark in the Batman franchise on how NOT to make a movie – or more importantly, who not to use in the starring role. It will forever go down as Mr. Clooney’s biggest bomb. A fact that hasn’t escaped the minds of fans waiting for the latest installment or that of the new caped crusader himself, Ben Affleck. In a recent interview the 43 year old actor joked about talking to Clooney while preparing for the role, saying that “he got some advice, which is not repeatable”. Might it have been, “run, don’t walk”?

Since Warner Bros. Pictures released the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice back in April of 2015, up to its final official version here in early 2016, fans have sent views on the studio’s YouTube page to over 150 million combined. Which is good, if you’re looking to gauge whether moviegoers are still interested in seeing another comic book come to life on the big screen; even another Batman/Superman movie at that.

The movie trailer can be a funny thing; sometimes it tells us too little to spark the kind of interest we should be having or puts so many pieces on show, that smart viewers can figure out a film’s entire story-line.

In the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s easy to figure out that the caped crusader has got a chip on his shoulder about the Man of Steel, Lex Luthor is using this to his evil advantage and we’ll get to see Wonder Woman make her theatrical film debut. Watching all of the released visuals, you could also assume that the “war” between Batman and Superman gets worked out at some point and they join up with Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) to save the world.

Ben Affeck as Batman in Batman v Superman

BEN AFFLECK as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo: ©2016 Warner Bros. Pictures/Zack Snyder

The real question though is this; has the final trailer helped to convince us that Ben Affleck, is going to pull off being the Batman? And will this ensemble of superheros (remember this is the start of The Justice League) excite fans of the DC Comics, as well as those Avengers did for Marvel moviegoers?

Our thoughts after watching the final promo for the Zack Snyder directed follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel, are quite optimistic. Since Spring of last year till now, Affleck as both Bruce Wayne and the caped crusader, have grown on us. Although we have our concerns about that batmobile, Ben isn’t falling short in the trailers.

batman v superman Poster

©2016 Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman v Superman has a lot going on in it, that’s for sure. As a follow up to the last Superman movie, and serving as an entry film for the Justice League and others – Warner Bros. Pictures have taken on a big task. From the films first announcement even until now, the studio has also taken a big gamble bringing Ben Affleck on board.

By the look of the final trailer, it may just be a gamble that could pay off big.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters March 25th, 2016.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Final Trailer)

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Photo: ©2016 Warner Bros. Pictures


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