What’s The Song On The Lego Batman Movie Trailer?

What’s The Song On The Lego Batman Movie Trailer?

If you haven’t seen the new trailer for The Lego Batman Movie, you’re missing out. Following up on the success of The Lego Movie of 2014, Warner Bros. Pictures brings the caped crusader front and center, in the computer-animated superhero comedy hitting theaters next year.

Besides the hilarious banter of Lego Batman (delivered via the voice of Will Arnett), the trailer also packs a super addictive soundtrack. If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on The Lego Batman trailer, we’ve got the answer. It’s called “We Ridin’ (Batman)” by Atlanta Rapper, V.I.C. featuring Hurricane Chris.

The Trailer: The Lego Batman Movie

Warner Bros. Pictures drops the infectious 2008 single by V.I.C., right after Lego Batman does his own impromptu beatbox, with the familiar TV show theme song, “Da na na na na na na na” leading the way.

After reminding Alfred of the acronym ABR; which stand for “Always Be Recording”, it’s time to cue the music – and the action!

We Ridin by V.I.C.

The single comes from V.I.C.’s debut album Beast, which released back in 2008. The track features Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris.

The Song: “We Ridin’ (Batman) by V.I.C.

Lego Batman Kicking Alfred

You gotta love that trailer when Lego Batman accidentally kicks Alfred. If you didn’t catch it, the famous bat butler is voiced by actor Ralph Fiennes.

“We Ridin” (Batman) may get another shot at fame after being used in the Lego trailer. Listen to that opening once and it’s hard to not hit repeat.

Good news is you can download it on iTunes – BUY ON iTUNES

The Lego Batman Movie opens in theaters February 10th, 2017.

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