What’s The Song On The Michael Phelps Under Armour Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Michael Phelps Under Armour Commercial?

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, is headed to Rio this Summer for what he claims will be his final competition. The Baltimore native, who will be 31 years old at this year’s games, is bound to inspire both young and old when he leaps into the pool and goes more Gold. Under Armour tapped into that emotion in a recent ad featuring Phelps titled, “Rule Yourself”.

The commercial shows the fit and focused swimmer doing all the things that help him get prepared for the upcoming Olympic contest. As Michael racks up the laps, reps and hours of mental preparation, a voice sings the fitting line “It’s the last goodbye I swear” in the background.

What's the song

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If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the Under Armour commercial featuring Michael Phelps, we’ve got the answer. It’s called “The Last Goodbye”, by indie rock group The Kills.

The Commercial: Under Armour “Rule Yourself” ft. Michael Phelps

The brooding, melancholy track fits perfect both lyrically and visually with the Under Armour ad. The song’s title and chorus help focus on the fact that this is the last time Michael Phelps will don the USA colors, at the world’s biggest sporting event. Although you never really know how well retirement will stick when it comes to athletes at this level; it does appear to be his “last goodbye”.

What's the song

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At the end of the commercial viewers are shown the motto, “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light”. Those lonely moments shaving seconds off a lap and coming to grips with the fact that is the end of what has been his lifelong journey, are accentuated by Alison Mosshart’s smokey, brooding vocal. The track comes from The Kills 2011 fourth studio album, Blood Pressures.

The Song: “The Last Goodbye” by The Kills

The Kills will be releasing a brand new album this coming June, titled Ash & Ice. Keep your eye on Michael Phelps in Rio this Summer and check out The Kills now.

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