What’s The Song On The Apple Watch ‘Row’ Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Apple Watch ‘Row’ Commercial?

That new Apple Watch commercial featuring three women on rowing machines, has probably got your attention if you’ve seen it on TV recently. Some of that might be because of the actual watch, but we have a feeling it’s the song that really got you wanting to know more.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the new Apple Watch ‘Row’ commerical, we’ve got the answer. The funky pop track is a new single from Uk pop singer, Charli XCX called, “Trophy”.

The Commerical: Apple Watch ‘Row’ Commercial


The single “Trophy” is off of Charli’s latest EP Vroom Vroom, which released this past February on her new record label of the same name.

What's the song Trophy Charli XCX

The skippy, electrified pop track is yet another musical treat from the “Boom Clap” singer. Sure to have fans downloading the entire EP and licking their lips for her next LP.

The Song: “Trophy” by Charli XCX on Apple Watch Commercial

The single got it’s first airply on on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, which you can stream above.

Visit: Charli XCX Official

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