Now You Can Really Get 140 Characters In Your Tweet – New Twitter Rules

Now You Can Really Get 140 Characters In Your Tweet – New Twitter Rules

The one big thing that has set Twitter apart from other social media platforms over the past decade, is that 140 character restriction on every “tweet”. Which in the early days wasn’t all that bad, seeing users were basically just tweeting things like; “bustin’ it in the gym”.

Over the years, the microblogging site (and every other social network) has become a place to be much more expressive. Which can make that 140 character limitation a real “pain in the you-know-what”. The good news is that Twitter will be doing some things over the next few months, to ease that struggle.

Before you go thinking the folks at Twitter are lifting the text count altogether or raising it, let me clarify what’s really going to change. Rather than take away the current character rule, Twitter is really just making adjustments in what it goes towards it.

Here’s what they’re saying.

Senior product manager over at Twitter, Todd Sherman, in a statement released this week, explained it this way, “In the coming months we’ll make changes to simplify Tweets including what counts toward your 140 characters, so for instance, @names in replies and media attachments (like photos, GIF’s, videos and polls) will no longer ‘use up’ valuable characters“.

New Twitter rules make it easier

This is good news for both personal users, businesses and media outlets like this one. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get your goal words in, along with key photos, etc. and having your count number turn to a negative red. Forcing users to decide which is more important to keep in the tweet.

Other changes mentioned in Mr. Sherman’s statement included:

Replies: When the changes are complete, the @names used when replying will not count either. Giving you a few more characters to get your thoughts across.

Medial Attachments: As stated above, adding photos will no longer catapolt your count into the negative. Neither will the use of GIF’s, videos, polls or quote tweets. Big improvement there!

Retweet yourself my friend: In the coming months, Twitter users will also be able to RT their own Tweets, including the “Quote Tweet”. Which means your own post will now have a RT option for you to use, in case you feel like a really good tweet went unnoticed or you got a new thought to add.

The final update mentioned by the microblogging site was the decision to take away the “.@:” hack. This was incorpated by well versed Twitter users to allow their tweets/replies to be viewed by all their followers. Now any tweet that begins with a username will be seen by all your followers.

While these new changes are taking place over the coming months, Twitter has also shared that it will be working on even more ways to make the service easier.


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