Alice Through The Looking Glass London Premiere Starts The Magic Journey

Alice Through The Looking Glass London Premiere Starts The Magic Journey

The highly anticipated movie sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, began its magic premiere journey this week in London. On Tuesday, May 10th, The Mad Hatter himself, actor Johnny Depp along with the cast and crew of the Walt Disney film, hit the red carpet in front of the Odeon Leicester Square Cinema.

Along with Depp putting back on THE hat for the Tim Burton produced fantasy adventure, 26 year old Australian actress Mia Wasikowska reprises her role as Alice, with newcomer Sacha Baron Cohen as Time. The film was directed by English director James Bobin this time around. Bobin has worked with Cohen over the years, helping to direct and create his characters Ali G, Borat, and Brüno.

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Tuesday evening the square in Leicester was turned into a wonderland of its own for the special event, marking the European premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass. Director Bobin was overwhelmed by all the display, saying “there are clocks in trees hanging down, like in Time’s castle…it’s absolutely amazing”.

Sacha Baron Cohen gave some insight into what he did to prepare for his role as the personification of time, sharing “I came up with a new silly voice, silly costume, silly walk and then bingo! – it was done”.

Watch the premiere highlights from the London Premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass in the video below.



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