Blake Lively In A Bikini Gets Chased By A Killer Shark In ‘The Shallows’

Blake Lively In A Bikini Gets Chased By A Killer Shark In ‘The Shallows’

So if you’re wondering what the other half of Hollywood’s most beautiful couple looks like these days, just take a peek at the official trailer for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s new film, ‘The Shallows’. To explain the film in its most simplest and attention getting terms, it’s about Blake Lively (the other half of Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Reynolds) in a bikini, getting chased by a killer shark.

Sony Pictures knew just how to start the official trailer for The Shallows, with a close up of Blake floating on a surfboard.

Bikini bottom GIF

The sexy 28 year old LA actress and mother of one, stars as a young surfer named Nancy, in the upcoming drama/horror movie.

Shot in the Gold Coast of Australia, the film centers around a young woman who becomes trapped in the ocean by a great white shark, who is out to get her.

Check out all the action and clips of Blake Lively in her bikini, by watching the trailer for The Shallows below.

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra
Written by: Anthony Jaswinski
Produced by: Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem
Executive Producers: Doug Merrifield and Jaume Collet-Serra
Cast: Blake Lively

Open in theaters June 29th, 2016.

Photo: Top – ©2016 Sony Pictures Entertainment


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