Claire’s Necklace On Episode 207 Of Outlander Helped End Their Time In Paris With A Bang (Spoilers)

Claire’s Necklace On Episode 207 Of Outlander Helped End Their Time In Paris With A Bang (Spoilers)

(Warning: Spoilers) I wonder how many viewers of Saturday’s latest episode of Outlander, were caught by surprise when Claire’s poison-detecting necklace turned black? I know I was. Not that I didn’t know that’s what it was supposed to do, because the sneaky (but friendly) apothecary Master Raymond had informed Mrs. Fraser it would if such a terrible fate should happen to her again.

The wonderful thing was how and when it did, that made it the hallmark for episode 207 (as far as this viewer is concerned).

For one thing, I couldn’t help but take notice of it since episode 4 and wonder, “ok, so when is the necklace going to help her?”. Like all good story-telling and screenplays, the necklace became a demonstration of “sleight of hand”.

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While we were all watching and waiting for the special necklace to save the life of Claire, it instead, becomes the means by which we find out the imminent death of Le Comte St. Germain. Not that we hated to see the French nobleman’s demise; after all he did openly admit to poisoning the mother of Jamie’s unborn child – we just didn’t expect this. Honestly (not having read the books), I thought maybe it had been forgotten.

When black streaks began to appear on the oval charm when Claire retrieved the chalice from Master Raymond, before giving it to Le Comte – relief and admiration for the writer (and director) rose to the surface. How cool was that!

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Although the death of Claire and Jamie’s first child together and its subsequent trials were just as appealing, the way that necklace pulled things together at the end of their Paris journey, is an example of why this series is so addictive.

It’s back to Scotland now.

Back to the tartan kilts and misty weather.

As Claire tells Jamie at the end of episode 207, “take me home, to Scotland” – it will be a sweet return for viewers as well. It’s where they belong.

And we’ll be there next Saturday, to watch it all.

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.


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