NBC’s New Show ‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’ Is Mud, Emotion and Money

NBC’s New Show ‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’ Is Mud, Emotion and Money

Over the past several years, gruelling obstacle courses have become a right-of-passage for the young, and a battleground for mid-lifers determined to prove they’re still young enough for adventure. Tough men are broken on high walls and in the mud, while homemakers and pencil pushers go on to triumph.

NBC is bringing all that mud, emotion and back-story to television this Summer in a seven-episode series titled, Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.

On June 13th, the network will air the premiere episode of the Spartan series, where teams will fight what the creators are calling the “world’s most grueling mile-long obstacle course”, for a chance at victory and of course, money; $250,000 to be precise.

The hosts include former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and former L.A. Galaxy star Kyle Martino. NBC news anchor MJ Acosta and TV host/ninja contestant Evan Dollard serve as course reporters.

The official trailer for Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge gives us a short look at the layout of the show, where it appears the main focus will be on the “demand” of the course and the touching back-story of key contestants. Six teams of five will compete on each episode, which will be made up of groups of friends, families, co-workers and more.

Watch The Trailer For NBC’s Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge



Spartan comes from the producers of the popular series “American Ninja Warrior” and is said to be inspired by the actual Spartan Race – “creators of the world’s most demanding obstacle course races”. The races, which are held all over the world push the boundaries on difficulty and distance – going from 3 miles to the length of a marathon and the number of obstacles varying from 20 to over 60.


SPARTAN: ULTIMATE TEAM CHALLENGE — Episode 103 — Pictured: Teams compete during Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge– (Photo by: Mark Hill/NBC)

NBC states that their course layout has been specially designed to be both demanding and insure that in order to complete they must work together. It should make for good television and no doubt be great advertisement for both Spartan Race and other obstacle course franchises.

Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge airs Mondays on NBC (10-11 p.m. ET); Preview: June 13, Series Premiere: June 20; Moves to Thursdays June 23 (9-10 p.m. ET).


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