What’s The Song On The ‘Now You See Me 2’ Trailer?

What’s The Song On The ‘Now You See Me 2’ Trailer?

If having The Four Horsemen returning for another magic movie in ‘Now You See Me 2‘ isn’t enough fun, there’s also the addition of someone who knows a thing or too about magic this time around, Daniel Radcliffe. If you’ve seen the trailer for the upcoming Lionsgate sequel, you were probably pretty excited to see the Harry Potter star joining the cast. Course, you may just be here to find out more about the trailer song.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the ‘Now You See Me 2’ trailer, we’ve got the answer. It’s called “The Boogie” by New York singer/songwriter/rapper/producer, Outasight.

The Trailer: Now You See Me 2


The hip-hop/dance track comes from Richard Andrew, who goes by his stage name Outasight. “The Boogie” was the fourth single to be released from the New Yorker’s most recent album, Big Trouble (2015).

What's the song on Now You See Me Trailer

There’s no doubt that “The Boogie” is infectious. Outasight infuses his dance treat with a funky Havana vibe, pristine soul touched vocals and just enough electric play to make it perfect for a club on the beach, or in the city.

The Song: “The Boogie” by Outasight

Try playing this one just once. Both the song “The Boogie” and the album are available now on iTunes.

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Photo: Jesse Eisenberg stars as ‘J. Daniel Atlas’ in NOW YOU SEE ME 2. Photo Credit: Jay Maidment


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