What’s The Song On The Target Show Off Your Way Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Target Show Off Your Way Commercial?

Dance, laugh, sing, and show off, your way! That’s what retailer Target is calling the viewers of their new commercial “Show Off, Your Way” to do; of course using their products. The 30 second Spanish ad captures your attention with both its cast and music.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the Target commercial, we have the answer. The song is called “Soy Yo” and is by Colombian electro-dance group, Bomba Estéreo.

The Commercial: Target ‘Show Off, Your Way’

The tv ad features actress Rita Moreno, vlogger Dulce Candy, model Heidy De la Rosa and personal trainer Massy Arias. The cast sing-along and dance to the fast paced Spanish treat while showing off all the things you can get from Target.

What's the song on Target Commerical

©2016 Bomba Estéreo

The track, “Soy Yo” comes from the Bogota based band’s fourth studio album, Amanecer which released back in June of 2015.

The Song: “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estéreo (Target Commercial Song)

You can’t help but want to move to this electronic treat from Bomba Estéreo. It’s already appeared on a Ford commercial and the soundtrack for FIFA 16. It’s a dance meets pop juicy treat, with Liliana Saumet dropping an addictive line of lyric that is infectious from the word go!

No wonder they use this thing at Zumba.

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