Catfish and the Bottlemen Will Have You Loving Rock Again With ‘7’ and ‘Soundcheck’

Catfish and the Bottlemen Will Have You Loving Rock Again With ‘7’ and ‘Soundcheck’

If you’ve been dying to download some great rock ‘n roll to your playlist lately, but just can’t seem to find something that seems worthy – then you need to give Catfish and the Bottlemen both a listen and a watch. Musically and visually, this English rock foursome is giving the genre new life with songs like “7”, “Soundcheck” and their brand new record.

The band’s latest album The Ride, which released this past May (2016) on Island Records, is their sophomore LP and comes in behind a solid debut in 2014 – that album titled The Balcony, reached into the top ten in both the UK and here in the US.

Although you can find multiple similarities with other famous or favorite alternative rock bands from both today and yesterday, Catfish and the Bottlemen are supplying an experience that’s been missing since the days of Oasis. The Ride supplies the kind of breadth that can satisfy the desires of rock fans, who need a record with tracks that will never make mainstream (to be “legit”), and yet still possesses big open tracks that could easily find their way to widespread airplay – without seeming like a sell out.

Watch Live Performance of “7” by Catfish and the Bottlemen


Watching the video of the band performing a live version of (our favorite track) the song “7” from The Ride, is enough to get you hooked. Something that may be hard to retain if things continue to move upward for Catfish and the Bottlemen, is the visually evident commitment the group gives to the song and a dedication by frontman Van McCann that still says, “I believe in this shit”. An attribute that often gets lost over time, when too many hands get involved in the process.

Hearing founding member McCann in previous interviews discussing his musical influences since childhood (The Beatles, The Strokes, Oasis, Van Morrison) it’s apparent that he aspires to make great music, that is both lyrically memorable and arena-worthy at live performances. The song “7” fits that bill to a ‘T’, with “Soundcheck” coming in a close second.

The Ride Album

There has been mixed response by the band’s own critics over in the Uk since their sudden rise following their debut and the direction (they claim) the sophomore project has taken. That can be expected to some degree; they tend to be very judgemental when it comes to their own. That said, trying to put your finger on just “what” it is that makes what Catfish and the Bottlemen are doing so attractive, might be hard for those who’s job it is to critique; this has been done before.

Which could be the answer; as far as we’re concerned. Too often bands fall prey to critics by either choosing to not develop over time, for fear of no longer being genuine or pushing the fame factor so hard that the love and passion, is left by the sugary wayside. With Van McCann, Johnny Bond, Bob Hall and Benji Blakeway the sound of the music, the power of its delivery and the tangible love they have for what they’re doing, is the magic. That freshness, that passion, that energy – all in a package of great songs and sound, is what the fans are turning to. Which at the end of the day is what music is all about; what it does to the listener – not the critic.

“Soundcheck” by Catfish and the Bottlemen

And the screaming fans are responding in larger numbers every day. Which is why you need to give the guys of Catfish and The Bottlemen a spin. We suggest you start with the song “7”, watching the live video of that performance is even better. From there crank up “Soundcheck”, before moving on through the band’s other tracks on the new album The Ride.

If vinyl is your thing, this stuff was made for it. It’s passionate, driving rock that has the means to satisfy those who love the genre and those who enjoy the visit now and then. The album The Ride, along with both tracks are out now in digital, as well as the 11 track vinyl LP.

Your playlist will thank you.

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