Don’t Go To The Gym Without A Workout Plan, You’ll Fail Everytime

Don’t Go To The Gym Without A Workout Plan, You’ll Fail Everytime

Whether it’s finances, marriage, education or business, trying to succeed without a plan will almost always deliver less than desired results. The same is true, if not more so with fitness. If you go to the gym with a workout plan or routine in place, you’ll fail to reach your goals every time.

Having a plan accomplishes a couple important things. First, it gives you direction. How many times have you gone to the gym to “workout”, only to find yourself wondering about from machine to machine, without actually finishing a complete set? Or you have a “shoot from the hip” approach that has you repeating exercises too often.

No routine in place is like trying to hit all the rides at the Magic Kingdom, without grabbing the park map so you make every step count. If you want every lift, every step walked or ran to bring results sooner than later – you HAVE to get yourself a realistic workout routine before you ever step foot in the gym.

Workout Routines

The next thing routines or programs establish are reachable goals. All goals are reachable if you have a roadmap to get there. Just saying, “I want to be thinner” or “I’m going to build more muscle” isn’t making a clear goal. Having something you can pledge yourself to each week, keeps you focused on what works and creates a sense of accountability to see you through to your desired end.

Today there are multiple apps which offer 7 to 20-minute exercise plans, which you can access whenever you have a moment to exercise. These are a great place to start, especially since the commitment is small and achievable. Which is yet another benefit of having a plan to follow, each step, each day you complete becomes a victory that encourages you to continue on.

Get a Workout routine

Accountability and an established plan is key to fitness success. ©

When your workout plan says to perform 3 sets of 10 reps and you want to quit after just 2 sets, it’s the plan that speaks to you and shows you what you’re doing if you stop; quitting. If you don’t have a specified plan, you’ll tell yourself you’ve done good enough and stop before you’re done. The point here is that you can fail either way, but you’re more likely to come up short, without that plan staring you down like an Olympic coach.

If you want to accomplish anything, you’ll need to make a commitment at the start. So, do some research and find a plan you feel will work for you. Then marry that thing! Make a vow that no matter how hard it seems, you’re committed to following it to the letter for the next ____ amount of days. You decided the time; a month, two months, two weeks. Then stick to it and at the end you should see enough change to encourage you to commit to an even longer time period.

Get Workout Plans Here

When it comes to a large selection of workout programs, for all types of goals and body types, no outlet comes close to Simply put, there’s nowhere else you need to look, plus most of the plans are totally free.

To make keeping track of your routine easier, you can download their BodySpace app. Find a routine on the website and most can automatically be synced right to the app on your phone. Pull it up at the gym or where ever you workout, watch video instructions and more. program

Download the BodySpace AppDownload

There are hundreds of apps for fitness on both iTunes and GooglePlay. Below are just a few examples, but as stated above take your time to find one with a top rating, good reviews and specific to your goals.

Many of these apps allow you to set your workout time for each day so that you can be reminded. It’s like having a personal trainer, which is just how you should see it.

Fitness Apps itunes


The Skimble Workout Trainer App – Routines, videos and tracking at your fingertips. DOWNLOAD

Fitness Apps


The 7 Minute Workout – Keep it short, but focused. DOWNLOAD

Fitness App

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Fitness Buddy App – Super large workout database and tracker. DOWNLOAD

One last thing. Fitness should be a way of life, so get in your mind this is a marathon and not a sprint. Let each day become your temporary goal. Finish the routine in your workout plan and make it a priority. When you’re done you’ll feel like a winner and that will help see you through to the end.

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