Little Review: Her Shave Co. – Monthly Subscription Shaving Products For Women

Little Review: Her Shave Co. – Monthly Subscription Shaving Products For Women

In this episode of my Little Review, I (Beki Little) take a look at a monthly subscription box service called, Her Shave Co. The company offers “everything you need for a perfect shave”, exclusively for women!. Why should guys have all the fun, right?

After ordering ‘My First Box’ and receiving it via the company’s free shipping, I did what any woman who gets a package in the mail does – I stopped everything else and opened it. I chose to purchase the “My First Box”, without signing up for the monthly subscription.

Her Shave Co. offers visitors to their website a 20% discount for entering your email, which got my a sweet box of goodies (including my pink razor) for under $32 dollars.

Beki Little Reviews Her Shave Co

Why should guys have all the fun? I just got My First Box from Her Shave Co. ©2016 DaysTune

Let’s not waste another minute. Watch the video of my Little Review for Her Shave Co. below and check out the pros and cons afterwards.

Watch Beki Little Review: Her Shave Co.



As you can see, there’s not much I didn’t like about the Her Shave Co. products and services. I loved the option of being able to purchase that first box and experience it all, before having to commit to the subscription; and the first box is really where it all begins – with my pretty pink safety razor!

Beki Little review

“I realy like my pink razor!!” ©2016 DaysTune

The quality of the products was impressive for the price and left me believing that additional boxes would continue this trend.

The only thing I would have liked in my starter kit that wasn’t included, would have been a nice stand for both my razor and brush. The website has a shop option where they offer a stand for the brush only, but it’s not something I would purchase.

Whether you’re looking to give Her Shave Co. a try with a one-time starter kit purchase or sign up for their monthly subscription, you’re bound to enjoy what you get either way.

The good news for anyone interested in signing up for the Her Shave Co. service after watching my Little Review, is that you can get $5 off by entering the code:FIRSTSHAVE. Which is so wonderful, when you remember that they already give you 20% after you enter your email.

That’s my Little Review for now, follow DaysTune for upcoming reviews and you can find out more about the product from this episode via the company link below.

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