Men’s Watches – Keep Your F**king Screen Off My Timepiece! (Fashion)

Men’s Watches – Keep Your F**king Screen Off My Timepiece! (Fashion)

Illuminated screens are everywhere nowadays. At home, the office, in schools (replacing pen & paper), the gas pump and in just about every palm of every person in any industrialized nation. Just do me a favor please; keep your f**king screen off my timepiece!

If you’re over the age of forty – then yes, there was a time when we were kids that the idea of talking to people back at headquarters on our watches, was an amazing idea. But you have to remember one thing; we didn’t have a computer at home, nor did we even have a color tv in every room. If you wanted to talk to someone face to face, you had to actually be in the same room with them.

Watches with screens

Sure we all wanted a “Smart Watch” back in the 60’s & 70’s.

Fast-forward just 30 years and getting away from a screen of some sorts, is virtually impossible. Hell, telling someone you couldn’t be reached because you weren’t “near a phone” doesn’t even work anymore. You want a Dick Tracy experience today, just open that Facetime app up on your phone and have at it.

Which brings me to my point; we’re over it now, you can stop putting a damn screen on everything we touch. Somewhere in this life of ours, it would be nice to experience something less technical. An item that you can still look at and be impressed with the craftsmanship behind it or the simplicity of its function. How about something that I have to actually read myself, instead of some automated voice (in the accent of my choosing) telling me what time it is. No, F**k you Siri – I can tell time and goddamnit I will.

Men's Watches and Screens



Men’s watches are becoming a “thing” again. Similar to a women’s Coach bag or a new pair of heels, the only real accessory for men is a slick looking timepiece on his wrist. Functioning first as a means of keeping track of our day, when teamed up with the right occasion and attire, a good watch becomes the keystone for our entire ensemble.

Like some beefcake who can’t even stand up without his arms sticking out to his sides, a timepiece with a screen is a sure sign to the ladies and those around you, that you spend most of your time tied up with electronics. It’s like sending a text to a woman, instead of a handwritten note left on the pillow.

So join the cause and fight the urge to turn that real estate on your manly wrist into yet another receiving zone and display, for digitized information. While your GPS is destroying your map reading capabilities and Siri is explaining to you how many pints make up a quart, keep your mental capacity to tell time sharp and your one true fashion accessory on point – with a watch that has moving parts like your grandad had.

DaysTune Men's Watch List

Like a pair of jeans, getting the right watch is really all about what looks good on you. You’d be surprised how many people will ask “what kind of watch is that?” when it’s just a $20 Casio – all because you picked the right look for the occasion and rocked it like a boss. Now, that said, there’s nothing like a fine piece of mechanical artistry wrapping that hard working wrist of yours when you can afford it – so don’t be afraid to go big once and awhile either.

Check out our list of affordable men’s watches below. The selections are all well-built watches that mirror some of the brands that most guys who work nine to five can’t afford. So whether it’s for sport, leisure, work or a night on the town you can still wrap your wrist with a trusty timepiece that looks good and doesn’t break the bank.

Men's Watches Top 2016
Tissot T-Race Black Dial SS Rubber Chronograph Quartz – $450 BUY

Favorite Watches for Men 2016
Victorinox Swiss Army® ‘I.N.O.X.’ Paracord Strap Watch, 43mm – $625 BUY

Men's Watch List 2016
Citizen Eco-Drive 180 Black Face, Olive Canvas Strap – $123 BUY

Timex Watch for Men
Timex Men’s Adventure Series Watch – $111 BUY

Men's Watch List DaysTune Fashion
Casio Men’s Edifice Tough Solar Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch – $166 BUY

DaysTune Fashion - Men's Watches
Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Grey Dial Watch – $390 BUY

Mens' Watches DaysTune Fashion
Tissot ‘Quickster’ Swiss Quartz Watch – $300 BUY

Fashion watches
Nixon Snetry 38 Leather – $150 BUY

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