New Music: “Hotter Than Hell” By Dua Lipa

New Music: “Hotter Than Hell” By Dua Lipa

You’ll be able to tell as soon as you hear “Hotter Than Hell’ by Dua Lipa, that she’s going to be a star. The twenty-year old, English born pop singer and songwriter already comes off as a seasoned veteran and she hasn’t even released her debut album yet.

The single, which released this past May is her fourth song since 2015 and the one to most likely put her on the map here in the States. Her previous single “Be The One” was a hit in Europe, reaching platinum and gold in several countries.

Hotter Than Hell Record Cover

Dua has the name, the look and most of all the vocal talent to be a big star. We expect “Hotter Than Hell” to be getting the kind of airplay it deserves real soon.

Watch the official music video for “Hotter Than Hell” by Dua Lipa below.

“Hotter Than Hell” by Dua Lipa Official Video

The single “Hotter Than Hell” is available on iTunes now (BUY).


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