The Rock Gets The Bus And Kevin Hart Gets The “Little” Car in London

The Rock Gets The Bus And Kevin Hart Gets The “Little” Car in London

This week comedy duo Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart were in London promoting their new film together, Central Intelligence. The Rock posted a video on his Instagram account of the two taking their own cellphone videos, as they prepared to see the ads of themselves for the new film on the side of cars in the city.

Kevin Hart

©2016 The Rock Instagram

In the video, Kevin Hart is the first to voice his excitement over seeing his face on the side of a yellow taxi. Which leads to some profanity from The Rock (this is bulls**t) and Hart remarking, “you didn’t even get a car you piece of s**t”.

The Rock in London

It appears The Rock’s is bigger…well his advertisement that is. ©2016 The Rock Instagram

But things quickly changed, when in the background a large double decker bus is seen wrapped in an advertisement with the big Johnson himself on the side.

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Which led to more profanity and The Rock telling the upset Hart to “go get in your little car, get yourself a phone book to sit on”.

Central Intelligence opens in theaters June 17th, 2016 from Warner Bros. Pictures.


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