This Book About Hillary Might End Up Beating Harry Potter and The Cursed Child As The Biggest Book Of The Summer

This Book About Hillary Might End Up Beating Harry Potter and The Cursed Child As The Biggest Book Of The Summer

When I heard this month that J.K. Rowling would be releasing her upcoming play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in book form this July, I figured we should just go ahead and accept it would be the biggest book of the Summer. But then Crisis of Character was announced and by the look of how fast it reached number one on Amazon’s Best Seller list (by pre-order’s alone), it’s starting to look like Mrs. Rowling could end up coming in second to a book about Hillary Clinton.

New Harry Potter Book

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The thought of a tell-all book about Hillary and Bill Clinton taking precedence over the continuing life of the boy-wizard, is sure to make fans of both the novels and literature in general, dry-heave. No offence to anyone who happens to be currently rooting for Mrs. Clinton to take the White House, the feeling would be the same I’m sure, had I said Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. The point is, who expected the virtual line already assembled to get their hands on the next chapter in the life one of the greatest literary characters in history, to be over-shadowed by a book by some Secret Service agent, we’ve never heard of before.

Is the story that important? Could it be that interesting? Or is this just the work of Matt Drudge and his right-wing cronies using their 1% wealth to pre-order as many books as possible; all to make a massive point. The answer is probably not the latter and the idea of it being all that interesting, is also in doubt.

The book, which was written by former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, hits shelves both physical and virtual on June 28th. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child doesn’t become available until July 31st; right after the debut of the live stage play. But we already know about the life of Harry Potter, don’t we; at least up to reading about him and Ginny sending their kids off to Hogwarts. Our knowledge of Hillary on the other hand, isn’t as clear.

Whether you support her or not, any individual willing to be honest would admit that the future Democratic Presidential nominee, former first-lady, Senator and Secretary of State – has a history that has often been obscured by questionable activities. Don’t forget, it took us ten years and pouring over 4,224 pages to finally get to the bottom of who Harry Potter was and how he came to finally be the greatest wizard of all.

Tell All Book on Clinton


After 68 years of life and 40 years of political service, it appears by the line assembling for Crisis of Character, that many Americans feel like they have yet to get the whole story about Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Just like when we suddenly found out that Harry Potter was a horcrux and a piece of Lord Voldemort dwelt inside him, maybe Gary Bryne is going to give us that piece of information we’ve all been waiting for. His firsthand account, having worked in the White House and outside the Oval Office during the Clinton administration, means he probably knows some interesting facts. Wait, could it be interesting after all?

Whether or not the lines of Crisis of Character are entirely true or not, is not really the point here. I would have never thought back in 1997 that a book for young people about a wizard, which included 223 pages would ever take off; much less become one of the best-selling series in history. The readers who lined up for the books and films said otherwise. Apparently the world was ready for what J.K. Rowling had to say.

Which could be the reason Gary Bryne’s tell book all about “Hillary, Bill and their public facade” is currently number one on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list even before its release. It could be the time is right and readers – American voters, still need to know more about the woman who could possibly become the next president of the United States.

Crisis In Character is out June 28th and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is available July 31st.

By: Wayne Andres


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