Warcraft Film Reviews Don’t Look Good On Opening Weekend

Warcraft Film Reviews Don’t Look Good On Opening Weekend

Big budget flops are becoming a growing trend in 2016 and it seems this week’s game to film – fantasy movie Warcraft, could join those growing ranks. Just last month Disney’s highly anticipated Alice Through The Looking Glass starring Johnny Depp got low marks as soon as it got out of the gate and February’s God’s Of Egypt was spanked with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 12%.

It’s still too early to tell what movie-goers will think overall, going into its opening day here in the US. The other thing to take into account, is that despite what the critics say, the film’s strongest fan base will most likely be made up those who have enjoyed playing the online role-playing game, over the past 12 years. With that demographic needing to see it for themselves, it could equal big money at the box office, no matter what score it gets.

In the end the critics will still play a major role in the future of the franchise and if the present cast will returnn if there is a sequel.

Monday June 6th the cast and crew of Warcraft hit the red carpet for the LA premiere, with stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton and Dominic Cooper on sight for the big event. The Legendary Pictures, Duncan Jones directed fantasy film opened two weeks prior outside the US, where the reception has been quite good in countries like Germany and Russia. China embraced Warcraft wholeheartedly, where it’s opening day results put it as the country’s second largest in history.

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Even with all that good news, it may not help here in the US where outlets like Rotten Tomatoes have given Warcraft a score of 24% and Rolling Stone declared “You leave Warcraft with two words ringing in your ear: Game over” in its review; ouch!

When review headlines read things like “It doesn’t suck” and “not a disaster, just a struggle”, it comes off like the film was so bad critics felt the need to “be nice” instead of saying what they really thought.

“Somebody should have put this script to the sword.”
Ethan Sacks – New York Daily News

“the studio could be looking at one of the biggest duds of the summer” Geoff Berkshire – Variety

“…this first one (film) is easily a contender for the worst movie of the year” Christy Lemire – Roger Ebert

The big caveat of course for any game to film venture, especially an online fanatsy game like World of Warcraft, is that it helps to know what it’s all about. If you’ve never played the game or stood behind and watched someone play, it can be a challenging task to grasp what is going on. The advantage those game players will have entereing the theaters this weekend here in the States, is they already have a foundation to stand upon; as well as a long running desire to see the bigger story play out beyond the game.

Whether or not that translates into a big enough push at the box office this week to see the movie reach number one, is still up in the air. Going up against two sequels, The Conjuring 2 and Now You See Me 2 could also make it hard for the Universal release to be the monster at the theaters, we once thought it would be.

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