What’s The Song On The ‘Shot On iPhone’ Commercial With Dog In Grass?

What’s The Song On The ‘Shot On iPhone’ Commercial With Dog In Grass?

Just keep those ‘Shot On iPhone’ commercials coming Apple. Who new 15 seconds could be so captivating. Using iPhone user video and a clip of a cool song, the company is proving “less is more”, in good advertising. The latest ad features a happy dog jumping through tall grass, which was taken by Polo S’.

The song is quite addictive as well and if you’re wondering what it is, we’ve got the answer. The song is called “Chocolate (Milk Version)” by London DJ/Producer Jesse Rose & Troze’.

The Commercial: ‘Shot On iPhone’ (Dog In Grass)

You may forget about the iPhone in this commercial, but you’ll have no problem remembering the word “Chocolate”.

The thumping track from Jesse Rose and Troze’ has an infectious beat and a lyrical hook that works it’s magic in just a few short minutes. Just like the confectionary treat, you’ll be hooked.

The Song: “Chocolate” (Milk Version) by Jesse Rose & Trozé

Satisfy your musical sweet tooth and get this track for your next party and see if your friends don’t hit replay multiple times.

“Chocolate (Milk Version)” is out now on iTunes – BUY IT HERE.

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