Ivanka Trump’s RNC Dress Was From Her Own Clothing Line

Ivanka Trump’s RNC Dress Was From Her Own Clothing Line

One thing the Trump family knows how to do, is promote their brand. The smart and beautiful daughter “The Donald”, Ivanka Trump, used her time in front of the nation this week at the Republican National Committee to show off one of the pieces from her own clothing line.

©2016 Ivanka Trump Instagram

©2016 Ivanka Trump Instagram

The 34-year-old business woman and mother of three, looked like a million bucks when she took the stage at the RNC on Thursday to speak to the crowd and ultimately introduce her father as the Republican Presidential Nominee. An important item to point out about that winning look, is that the blush-colored sleeveless sheath dress she wore is from her own label and only cost’s about $138 dollars.

Ivanka’s class and confidence during her speech, along with her amazing looks helped make her dress look like it was worth so much more. It should do wonders for her business and who else to could model it so well.

Ivanak Pink Dress

The Ivanka Trump Sleeveless Sheath Dress at Nordstrom for $138.

If you can’t wait for the actual dress (not available yet), the Ivanka Trump label has a similar dress available now at Nordstroms – (BUY).


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