What’s The Song On The Toyota Presidential Escort Commercial?

What’s The Song On The Toyota Presidential Escort Commercial?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wish yourself a presidential escort, on your way to work? That’s what the lady driving that new 2017 Camry did in the latest tv commercial for Toyota.

Getting a police excort to work may be a big wish, but finding out what the song is playing along to her joy-ride isn’t. The song in the commercial is called “Ponme to Eso Palante” (That put me to Palante) and it’s by Latin artist, El Chuape.

The Commercial: Toyota 2017 Camry Presidential Escort

El Chaupe originally released the upbeat track back in 2012. It also appears on his 2016 album El Dueño del Meneo, with 29 other tracks.

Toyota Camry song

The fact that he was contacted for use of the song on the new Toyota ad for their 2017 edition Camry, is proof music never gets old.

The Song: “Ponme to Eso Palante” by El Chuape

It’s a great tune even if you don’t know the language. Download it now at iTunes. (BUY)


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