Number One Apple App “Heads Up” Is The Perfect Christmas Gathering Game

Number One Apple App “Heads Up” Is The Perfect Christmas Gathering Game

No matter who you are, it’s hard to not crack a smile anytime you watch the Ellen DeGeneres show on TV. The 58-year-old comedian and TV host has a way of turning any moment into a time of laughter and fun. Which is probably why the game turned app “Heads Up” created by Ellen, sits atop Apple’s 100 Best Apps Chart for paid apps on iTunes.

If you’re looking for that one game to bring out this holiday season, “Heads Up” is it. Using just your mobile phone or iPad, it takes only a few clicks to get everyone in the room to be a part of the fun. It can also be played anywhere – even over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house during your next road trip this Christmas.

Heads Up iTunes App

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What also makes this game so much fun, is the categories are broad and there’s always something for anyone, including the kids.

You can even record videos of each game, to play back and increase the laughter. Users can choose from several different categories or create your own.

During the special “12 Days Of Giveaways” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you can try out one of the apps most popular decks for FREE and enter to win gifts from the actual show.

It’s the best-rated app on iTunes and the best bargain for fun at only $.99. If you’re looking for THE game to play at your next holiday gathering, this is it.

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If you’d rather go the board game route, Heads Up is also available in this format as well. Buy It Here.


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