Who Sings “Make You Feel My Love” On The Mercedes-Benz ‘Snow Date’ Commercial?

Who Sings “Make You Feel My Love” On The Mercedes-Benz ‘Snow Date’ Commercial?

Mercedes-Benz recently aired their new “Snow Date” commercial which shows off the benefits of being able to drive in bad weather, with the help of their 4Matic All-Wheel Drive; like getting your son to a very important date. Course it helps when the girl you’re meeting up with has a parent who also, drives a Mercedes-Benz.

The touching commercial has a beautiful soundtrack as well, featuring a cover of the song “Make You Feel My Love”. If you’re wondering who sings the song in the Mercedes-Benz “Snow Date” commercial, we have the answer.

The Commercial: Mercedes-Benz ‘Snow Date’


The cover of “Make You Feel My Love” that appears in the TV Ad is performed by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan O’Neal, who goes by the moniker, Sleeping At Last.

Mercedes Benz Commercial

The track comes from his 2016 album Covers: Vol 2, which released back in November of last year.

The Song: “Make You Feel My Love” by Sleeping At Last

Sleeping At Last have had several of their cover songs appearing on both TV and in Film, like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, the 21st episode of season two of the dramedy, Jane the Virgin and over twenty of different tracks on Grey’s Anatomy.

You may not have enough money to afford one of those snow conquering Mercedes-Benz, but you can get your hands on a copy of the song by Sleeping At Last.

The song “Make You Feel My Love” is out now – BUY ON iTunes!

Find out more about Sleeping At Last by visiting their official website – Sleepingatlast.com


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