What’s The Song On The Coca-Cola Commercial ‘Love Story’?

What’s The Song On The Coca-Cola Commercial ‘Love Story’?

Every meal needs the perfect drink and every commercial needs the perfect song. In the new Coca-Cola TV Commercial, ‘Love Story’, it’s the Springsteen-esque track that grabs your attention amidst all that delicious food.

If you’re wondering “what’s the song” on the new Coke commercial, we’ve got the answer.

The Commercial: Coca-Cola ‘Love Story’


The song is called “Put It Together” and comes from American singer/songwriter Langhorne Slim (Sean Scolnick) and his band, The Law.

Coca Cola Commercial Song

©Longhorne Slim & The Law 2017

The upbeat, bluesy-rock soundtrack for the new Coca-Cola TV ad is off of the band’s 2015 album, The Spirit Moves – their fifth studio album.

The song “Put It Together” was also used in the Season 11, Episode 3 of the TV series, Bones.

The Song: “Put It Together” by Langhorne Slim

After watching the thirty second ad you’re probably dying for some good food and a cold refreshing drink. Which is up to you to find on your own.

The song on the other hand is available now on iTunes – BUY ON iTUNES!

Find out more about the band – www.langhorneslim.com


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